Saturday, June 29, 2013


Milo went to the beauty parlor!  He is such a stud.  He has really been a good boy lately.  I am so proud of him for listening to the rules and being much more polite with others.  He still gets a little too excited and slams his 70lb body into others but at least now he is not jumping... were making headway!

We had such a nice time hanging out with these two last weekend (Hi Rachel!).  I was finally able to meet Rachel's awesome boyfriend, Andy.  Such a great guy!  

The way Jeret sleeps makes me laugh! How can that be comfortable with your arms crossed like that?  I can't wait to have a sweet baby boy that looks just like him.  

Nursery colors!  I stopped by the local benjamin moore yesterday morning.  I knew I wanted to do more neutral subdued colors verse bright colors but I wasn't exactly sure which route I wanted to go.  

I ended up going with the colors in this photo.  I am going to paint the top half of the room this creamy yellow beigh: Muslin.  And the bottom half (divided with a chair rail that will be painted the same color as the bottom half) a blue green gray: Boothbay Gray.  They are both Benjamin Moore colors but I had them color matched to Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint because it is 1. VOC Free which means it is safe for me and 2.  It was 30% off, and when a gallon is 50 bucks, I'll take a deal when I can get it it!  

I also framed this awesome piece of FF gear that I found when clearing out the office (to make way for the nursery).  It is the bottom half of Jeret's gear when he was volunteering in Machesney Park Il.  This crappy I phone picture doesn't do it justice.  It really is cool with the shiny black frame and the rugged, fire damaged cloth on the inside.  I am excited to hang it in our baby boy's room.  I hope he is as proud of his Dad as I am.  I want our son to look up to Jeret and aspire to be like him in many ways: hard working, loyal, and loving.  

We just got email that our Container store closet system has shipped!  I can not wait to get that baby installed!
I can't wait to share pics of our nursery progress as it is installed! Woot Woot!

IT'S A BOY! 21 and 22 Weeks

21 Weeks (actually 22 weeks because I'm a week late writing this): And...

Meet Baby Jenkins! I am already so in love.  That is the cutest face I have ever seen in my life. 

Giving his Dad a thumbs up

He had his feet crossed for most of the appointment, so sweet!

I think this photo speaks for itself.  Sorry if it is a little TMI.
After the ultrasound, all smiles :)
Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013 still.  I thought maybe they would push back the due date a few days, but it turns out the baby is measuring a little big already!  That a boy! 

Boy or Girl:  I was totally one hundred precent wrong!  It's a boy!

Currently Avoiding: Hmm... I have been able to eat a lot more chicken this week.  I especially like to make a chicken sandwich for lunch.  I have been able to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits too.  I even crave them!  I did have one little bad craving yesterday and stopped by the Krispy Kreme shop for one glazed donut!  I surprised myself that I wanted one, but it hit the spot!

Weight: I haven't weighed myself this week, but I definitely look like I'm growing!

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  Sleeping amazingly well.  I sleep a solid 9 to 10 hours every night.  

Recent vivid dreams: Lots of dreams, but none of the little one yet.

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  I have been trying to drink a lot more water and the cramping is pretty much gone.  Every once in a while it will start to cramp and I know I just need to sit down, relax and chug a bottle of water!  I do still notice the occasional nausea but it is so much more manageable and food generally helps it to subside.

Health:  Heartbeat was nice and strong at 144 beats per minute!  Such a beautiful sound.  It is so reassuring to hear the heartbeat.  Especially for a first time mom.  There are so many unknowns during pregnancy that you second guess yourself and wonder if everything is ok.  The heartbeat is a beautiful assurance.  Everything checked out wonderfully at our ultrasound.  It was the most wonderful experience.  It is amazing how much you can see on such a little person.  I was in pure joy for the hour of the ultrasound.  We did have a echo done as well just to make sure there were not any congenital heart defects.  The baby's heart checked out awesome too! 

Movement:  We found out that my instinct was correct: my placenta is anterior. This means that instead of it being behind the baby toward the interior of my stomach, it is in front of the baby between the baby and my skin.  This is totally fine and causes no harm to the baby, the only problem is that I don't feel kicks as strong as someone else with a different positioned placenta.  And it will be a lot longer until Jeret will feel the kicks.  That is kind of a bummer because I can't wait to share that with him.  Still lots of squirming.  It is still very sporadic but a wonderful feeling none the less.

Baby Related Purchases:  I have started to look into all kinds of things baby!  It is a totally overwhelming search.  There are so many different types/shapes/colors of everything!  My mom is coming to town next weekend and were hoping to work on a little registering.  

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  Getting to see our baby boy on the ultrasound! I can not wait to meet him!  Now, just to decide on a name!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Half way there: 20 Weeks!

We are 20 Weeks!  I can not believe how fast the last 4 and half months have gone.  I feel so overjoyed  just thinking about all of the miracles that have been happening inside of me.  I feel so lucky.

This hunk took me out for a little date this week.  Culvers!  Believe it or not... we didn't even get ice cream!   I am so thankful for him.  He has been so helpful and supportive with the entire pregnancy.

20 Week Photo op.  I can definitely tell a HUGE (literally) difference between 18 weeks and 20!

We had a super busy weekend celebrating Jeff and Melissa's wedding.   
Jeret was the best man.  He did such a fabulous job.  As always, he was supportive, loyal and generous with the groom.  All very good best man qualities! 

Bump Alert!  This was one of the dresses Jeret bought for our anniversary.  I love it.  It was so comfortable and cute!

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013
Ultrasound in 3 days :)

Boy or Girl:  I think that I have Jeret convinced that it is a girl.  But honestly, I have no clue!

Currently Avoiding: Chicken.  Ugh.  Chicken has been a struggle since day one.  Red meat? Yes please.   

Weight: 150.5 at the doctors office this week!  I think I even surprised Jeret! ha

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  S0.heavnly.AMAZING.  This pregnancy pillow is the bomb diggity.

Recent vivid dreams: Nothing baby related yet.

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  I have had a lot of mild cramping in the afternoons this past week.  Especially at work.  I talked with the doctor this week and she said it is probably dehydration.  I should be drinking a gallon of water a day! This will be challenging at work because 1.  I can't drink while I'm cleaning teeth, so I'll have to chug in the 2 minutes I have in between patients. and 2.  I already have to pee all the time.

Health:  Heartbeat was nice and strong at 150 beats per minute!  Such a beautiful sound.  It is so reassuring to hear the heartbeat.  Especially for a first time mom.  There are so many unknowns during pregnancy that you second guess yourself and wonder if everything is ok.  The heartbeat is a beautiful assurance. 

Movement:  Still lots of squirming.  I find that it is quiet sporadic and I really have to be laying still to feel it.  I am excited for it to get stronger and for Jeret to feel.  I know that will make him so happy.  I can't wait to share that with him.

Baby Related Purchases:  Nada

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  Just being 4 and half months pregnant. What a miracle inside of me!  I can't believe how lucky I am to experience this.  I can't wait for our ultrasound on Thursday.  I really truly don't care if it is a girl or a boy, I just can't wait to get a sneak peak at my baby! My baby!! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

19 Weeks

19 Weeks!
One week from half way...
Time is definitely cruising now!

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013
We will find our a more "accurate" due date at our 20 week ultrasound in 11 days :)

Boy or Girl:  So many people have been guessing boy, but I am not sure I am convinced.  I have no clue!

Currently Avoiding: Not much! Hahaha my appetite has definitely increased!  I can finally say I am eating pretty well rounded. 

Weight: 148 in the morning and 150 at bedtime

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  I splurged.  I bought this pregnancy pillow.  I.LOVE.IT.

Recent vivid dreams: Nothing too interesting.  I have been having a lot of charlie horses in my calves though at night.  Not fun.

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  Hmm... 

Health:  12 days until we get to hear the heartbeat again! 

Movement:  Definitely!  I just feel lots of squirming.  Some people have described it as "flutters" but for me, "squirm" is a better word.  Nothing you can feel from the outside yet.  I can not wait for Jeret to feel the baby.  I think that will be so special for him!

Baby Related Purchases:  My mom surprised me with a really sweet duck figurine for the nursery and a baby shower scrapbook.  So sweet. 

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  Feeling baby move more and ultrasound coming up!

I celebrated a friend's bachelorette party this weekend.  This is not the bride, but somehow this is the only photo I got on my phone. (I blame it on the pregnancy brain).  This is a high school friend that was on the swim team with me, Kelly. **This is one of the dresses my boyfriend picked out for me for our anniversary.
I had a sleep over with these fine ladies last night!  For the record, Jill makes the best swedish pancakes (hello pregnancy favorite) and mango smoothie!  I felt like a princess!

And THIS is Sunday night.  I stayed up WAY TOO LATE saturday and WOKE UP WAY TO EARLY sunday, and now I think I'm getting a cold.  Boo.  BUT they say you "pop" between 18-20 weeks and there is definitely some popping going on between last week and today!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

18 Weeks

18 Weeks!

Two weeks until we are half way there!
Two and a half weeks until I get to see this little peanut and we get to find out if it is a little boy or girl!

Milo thinking, "woah mama look at that belly!"

I am growing!  I can't wait to see and measure the baby in a couple weeks to make sure they are growing too!
Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013 

Boy or Girl:  So excited to find out!  I kind of think it is a girl, which I think will be a blast!  Hello pink and braids and ruffles!  But it would be a lot of fun to have a boy in the family!

Currently Avoiding: Still not thrilled with meat or eating big meals at once.  

Weight: 150... 3 pounds in a week! Holy cow!

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  Ugh.  Waking on my back often.

Recent vivid dreams: Tons of dreams!

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  Slight cramping or tightening wich is frightening but it is so mild and I don't have any other problems, so I am thinking its just normal.  I have had some cravings... swedish pancakes, sour patch kids and coke a cola (only give in to that one about once a week).

Health:  12 days until we get to hear the heartbeat again! 

Movement:  Trying not to stress about it but it is so hard to tell if I'm feeling movement, or gas, or food digestion.  I feel something, but its gone so quick and doesn't come back for a few days so I'm just not sure.  I can't wait to feel this baby!

Baby Related Purchases:  Nothing this week, but I did start checking out craigslist for a crib!

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  The anticipation of my next ultrasound!