Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear Bennett (2.5 months)

Hi Bennett,
You have been here for almost 3 months!  How has the time gone by so fast?  You have brought so much joy to my life.  Being a mom can be hard, but looking at your beautiful smile makes everything worth while. You love to talk.  If your dad and I are talking you will coo right along with us.  Taking the bottle has been up and down.  Some days you take it with no problem and other times you are not having it.  We have been busy exploring new places like the grocery store and restaurants.  We also like to walk around the mall.
Dad giving you a bottle before bed

Sleeping in my arms.  You completely spoil me by falling asleep in my arms during the day.  Some people may say I am spoiling you, but its the opposite you are spoiling me.  I love that time.

At your 2 month well visit.  You had to get three shots!  Oh my, did you cry and me too.  But your a healthy little guy and for that I am so thankful.

Cuddles after changing a poop everywhere diaper

A sleepy boy just after his bath

You love your tub whether there is water in it or not!

Family shot

My little fireman

Watching football on Sunday while your dad was at work

Grandma Patty came for a quick visit

That chin melts my heart

And your little feet do too

You look like such a big boy in this photo

Tummy time looking in the mirror

You found your thumb
I must say this second month has been my favorite month yet! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby Expressions

Bennett is just 3 days shy of 2 months! Time is going to quickly.  It is FREEZING outside.  The temps are hitting 20 year lows... we are talking -20 with a windchill of -50!  Jeret is working today/tonight so he will be in my thoughts.  Bennett has been pretty fussy/sleepy all day.  I think he is growing.  I did get a chance to snap a few photos.  He is such a cutie.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bennett is 2 Months

Wearing his bunny slippers Grandma Patty bought him right after she found out she was going to be a grandma. 

Daddy-Son look a likes

Christmas Eve brunch with my handsome husband and little fire fighter

Santa's little helper on our way down to Rockford on Christmas Eve

Bennett in his new Christmas sleeper at Grandma and Grandpa's house

First smile caught on camera

We have started a bedtime routine- bath, stories, nurse then bed.  He has been sleeping so well!  

It warmed up a tad so we took a walk around the neighborhood

Mama and her little man

That face makes me melt

Hello world!

Tummy Time!

Bennett the first month!

Such a face!  I think this is saying, "Don't put me down mama!"

Asleep after his 2 week appointment.  He was a champ.  He is gaining weight well and at the top of the charts for weight, length and head size.

Resting on mama

Look at that naked baby! 

Resting on Grandpa

Snuggling on Grandma

Jeret and his boys

One of his first really "alert" days

Resting on mama during thanksgiving at his great grandparents

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bennett's Birth Story

This photo recaps the active labor part of Bennett's arrival.  I was actually in labor for 48 hours prior to the active labor starting.  I had these slight contractions (felt like menstrual cramps) about every 10 minutes for two days, but they never intensified until Thursday afternoon.
My mom and Jessica arrived on Wednesday night.  My mom thought for sure that I was going to go into labor that night.  We spent Thursday going for a walk outside then walking through the entire mall.  Looking back, I kind of wish I would have rested but maybe that was what brought on my labor.  The cramps started to get a little stronger after lunch that day.  I also started to notice that I felt like I needed to pee every time a contraction came.  I had a slight thought that maybe my water had torn and I was leaking but I wasn't for sure.  I called my doctor at around 4pm and talked to the nurse.  She said to wait it out a little because she wasn't sure if my water had broke or if it was the baby pushing on my bladder.  We watched some tv at home, had some pizza for dinner and tried to play some cards.  During the card game I realized I was too uncomfortable to sit in a chair (labor was progressing!).  I started timing my contractions then.  They were still pretty irregular so I tried to get some sleep, but wasn't able to fall asleep.  I labored at home (in the nursery so Jeret and my family could get some sleep).  I ended up calling the on-call doctor around midnight and decided to go to the hospital.  I went mainly to check if my water had broken because my pains were still not regular.  I think they were about every 5 minutes but only lasting about 45 seconds.  
We arrived at the hospital and the staff was so gracious and comforting.  They first checked if my water had broken and it had!  They strapped me to a monitor and I was contracting every 4-5 minutes but they were not too intense.  They said that I would be admitted because of the risk of infection after my water has broken.  They didn't check my dilation because of the same risk of infection.  I got all set up in my room and labored on my own for a few hours.  At around 2 or 3am I asked the doctor to check me.  I was 5cm, woo hoo!! 
I spent a lot of my labor on all fours and also leaning over the labor ball.  I can tell you that it was not too bad.  I did try the shower but I didn't like how slippery it was.  We also tried a hot pack on my lower back but that induced me to projectile vomit all of the floor (never expected that)!  Jeret was so helpful throughout my entire labor.  What a guy!  I could not have done it without him.  He rubbed my lower back through every contraction.  It eased the pain SO MUCH!
I started getting REALLY uncomfortable.  I can not explain the pain.  The contractions were SO STRONG and right on top of each other.  I felt so out of control.  I asked them to check me again and I was 9cm. I thought to myself, "Can I endure this pain any longer?" I decided right then and there that I needed the epidural.  The pain was incredible.  Looking back, I probably could have managed but I am glad that I went with the epidural.  I was able to relax and enjoy the birth of my baby boy.  I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking:

Getting some rest

Jeret has his game face on

Feeling much more relaxed after the epidural

Anxiously waiting for the baby's arrival

Getting ready to push

My coaches

He is here!  Our baby, I couldn't believe it.

We are a family

Look at that arm!

It's too bright in here


Dad and Son

My football player

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Adam

Bennett and all of his loving grandparents