Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 36 and 37

We are full term, baby! Week 37 is donezo! 
Baby is the size of winter melon... where do they come up with these fruits?

Taken last Saturday at 36 weeks

We have been slowly but surely filling in the baby's nursery.  It is not nearly as "Pinterest" cute as I imagined it would be, but I am totally ok with that.  Babies need a lot of stuff and that can get really expensive so I used as much as possible to decorate from what I had around the house.

The tan fabric laying on the dresser is actually the cover for the changing pad.  It is ordered but is not supposed to ship for another 2 weeks.  Just to the right of it is a wipes warmer!  They think of everything!

The crib is all set!  I have a few stuffed animals in it right now for decorations but when the baby sleeps there it will be empty.  I also have a few of my favorite baby blankets that he has received folded up in there as well.
The vertical stripped bag is the diaper bag.  It is all packed and ready to go! The bag next to it is my hospital bag.  It is almost ready, too!  We are ready for you, baby :) 

The rocking chair was given to us from Jeret's Grandparents.  I bought a new cushion for it on Overstock.

My friends in the neighborhood held a surprise baby shower for me at book club this week.  They have been so good to me.  I feel so lucky to have met them.  It is so nice to have such a strong support system that lives only a few houses down.  The basket in between the rocker and the door is full of books from my book club friends.  They all purchased their favorite books that they read to thier children.  I had them all sign the books, it was so sweet.  

This view you can see the adorable garland that Rachel made for the baby.  Its hanging on the window panels. 

This closet is STOCKED! All of those drawers are filled with baby clothes and it is all 0-6months!! 

A shot of the stroller with the car seat attached.  

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013... 21 days to go!

Boy or Girl:  Baby Boy

Currently Avoiding: Onions.  Oh my word do they give me indigestion.

Currently Craving: Sweets!  I sure hope I don't double my weight gain in these last three weeks!

Weight: 31 pounds!

Belly Button Status:  Still in

Sleep: I go to the bathroom at a minimum of 4 times a night.  Lots of potty breaks.  I have also had some insomnia.  Some nights I wake up around 2am and am wide awake.  I just think my body is getting ready for baby

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Everyday

Symptoms:  Just growing at record speed.  I still think this little guy is going to be more of a peanut then a large baby.  I was 9.5lbs but Jeret was 7.1lbs.  I'll be really interested to find out what he weighs.  It just doesn't seem like there is a huge baby in my belly, but I could be wrong.  I have had some more "fake" contractions and also some shooting pain in the groin area.  I googled it ;) and it said that the pain is from the baby moving downward and pinching nerves.  So, I'm taking it as a good thing and meaning that baby is progressing!

Health:  My belly is measuring right on track with a 36cm measurement.  Baby's heartbeat was healthy and they did a little ultrasound to make sure baby was head down.  He sure is!  She also did a cervical exam and I am not dilated at all but she said the cervix is "soft".  

Movement:  Lots of movement!  I love feeling the little guy.  It doesn't bother me one bit.  My belly doesn't jump around much because of my placenta placement but you can definitely see kicks.  

Baby Related Purchases:  We bought the changing pad.  I think we are all set (minus the monitor).

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  Just taking in the fact that there is a full grown baby in my belly.  Wow!  I can't wait to meet him.  As much as I have enjoyed this pregnancy, I know it will be nothing compared to meeting our little guy.  We love him so much already!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 33, 34 and 35!

Week 33, 34 and 35!  How has three weeks gone by so fast??
Baby is the size of the coconut... almost 6 lbs!

I decided to sneak away yesterday morning while Jeret was sleeping for a manicure and pedicure.  The little asian lady convinced me to get a fancy pancy shellac manicure and deluxe pedicure.  It was more money than I wanted to spend buy boy was it a treat!  I figure it will be a while before I can do a spur-of-the-moment nail date.

We had a shower with Jeret's family (and they feel so much like my family too) last weekend.

Jeret's Aunt Dona, Uncle Gary and Aunt Sharon

 Paula (Grandma), Great Greandma Virginia, Great Grandpa LeRoy and Daddy

I am loving all of this cute little fire fighter gear!  He is going to be his daddy's little mini~

I can not get enough of the cute little baby clothes.

Jeret and his Dad

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013... 35 Days until due date~

Boy or Girl:  Bouncy Baby Boy

Currently Avoiding: I am not sure there are any foods that are turning me off, it is a problem! ;)

Currently Craving: Lots of fruits, sour candy, lemonade or anything really tart.

Weight: +28lbs No wonder I am out of breath walking the hills in our neighborhood

Belly Button Status:  Very shallow but still an "innie".

Sleep: I think I was up to go to the bathroom SIX times last night!  And I was up once for some Braxton Hicks Contractions.  

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Oh yeah 

Symptoms:  I am starting to experience more often heart burn and indigestion.  Also, my maternity clothes are getting oh so tight.  I bought a few long sleeve shirts from Target this week in a size large and now I'm thinking I should have bought XL!  I also picked up a nursing bra for my hospital bag in a size Large and have to return it for a bigger size.  Now that my friends is something I am not used to!

Health:  Baby's heartbeat was 129 at my doctors visit. And my belly is measuring right on track at 34.5 centimeters.  The doctor says everything looks great.  My blood pressure was approx 100/72.

Movement:  He is moving all of the time.  It is hard for me to notice when I am working during the week but I love taking time in the evenings and weekends just to sit and feel him move.  It makes me feel like I am connecting with his little soul.  I can't wait to meet him. 

Baby Related Purchases:  We have such generous family and friends!  We are all set for baby!  We do need to buy a few more small items:  sound machine, humidifier, monitor and changing pad.

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  Feeling Bennett grow!  I hope he is a big, strong healthy baby boy!

32 Weeks

Baby Jenkins has about 8 Weeks until his debut! 
Baby Jenkins is a squash or small pumpkin?
Three Generations... Fourth on the way!
Hello Baby Bump!
My second family, the Groves 
My beautiful sisters and mom
Gorgeous and delicious cake!

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013... 56 Days to go!

Boy or Girl:  Sweet baby boy

Currently Avoiding: Not much ;)

Currently Craving: Lots of filling foods like pasta, also fruits and yogurt.  

Weight: We will see on Tuesday at my next visit!

Belly Button Status:  Still in.  

Sleep: So far so good, just lots of potty breaks! 

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Absolutely.  And also clumsiness.  

Symptoms:  I am feeling pretty fatigued at the end of the day.  I have also felt bouts of nausea again but nothing like the first trimester.  I have not had any issues with swelling, thank goodness.  Oh, and I have felt some indigestion.  It seems like if I eat anythings with onions it stays with me for hours!

Health:  Baby's heartbeat was 131 at my doctors visit.  They also gave me a TDAP Vaccine that caused my bicep to be sore for a few days.  They also drew blood to check my antibodies. 

Movement:  My baby boy is moving all of the time!  It makes me smile with every move.

Baby Related Purchases:  We bought the crib! So excited to get it put together.  I have also made a few garage sale purchases.  I bought a few 0-3 month outfits and a fleece zipper for the car seat.  It is going to be cold this winter!

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  Feeling Bennett move around.  We are so excited to meet him!