Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 36 and 37

We are full term, baby! Week 37 is donezo! 
Baby is the size of winter melon... where do they come up with these fruits?

Taken last Saturday at 36 weeks

We have been slowly but surely filling in the baby's nursery.  It is not nearly as "Pinterest" cute as I imagined it would be, but I am totally ok with that.  Babies need a lot of stuff and that can get really expensive so I used as much as possible to decorate from what I had around the house.

The tan fabric laying on the dresser is actually the cover for the changing pad.  It is ordered but is not supposed to ship for another 2 weeks.  Just to the right of it is a wipes warmer!  They think of everything!

The crib is all set!  I have a few stuffed animals in it right now for decorations but when the baby sleeps there it will be empty.  I also have a few of my favorite baby blankets that he has received folded up in there as well.
The vertical stripped bag is the diaper bag.  It is all packed and ready to go! The bag next to it is my hospital bag.  It is almost ready, too!  We are ready for you, baby :) 

The rocking chair was given to us from Jeret's Grandparents.  I bought a new cushion for it on Overstock.

My friends in the neighborhood held a surprise baby shower for me at book club this week.  They have been so good to me.  I feel so lucky to have met them.  It is so nice to have such a strong support system that lives only a few houses down.  The basket in between the rocker and the door is full of books from my book club friends.  They all purchased their favorite books that they read to thier children.  I had them all sign the books, it was so sweet.  

This view you can see the adorable garland that Rachel made for the baby.  Its hanging on the window panels. 

This closet is STOCKED! All of those drawers are filled with baby clothes and it is all 0-6months!! 

A shot of the stroller with the car seat attached.  

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013... 21 days to go!

Boy or Girl:  Baby Boy

Currently Avoiding: Onions.  Oh my word do they give me indigestion.

Currently Craving: Sweets!  I sure hope I don't double my weight gain in these last three weeks!

Weight: 31 pounds!

Belly Button Status:  Still in

Sleep: I go to the bathroom at a minimum of 4 times a night.  Lots of potty breaks.  I have also had some insomnia.  Some nights I wake up around 2am and am wide awake.  I just think my body is getting ready for baby

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Everyday

Symptoms:  Just growing at record speed.  I still think this little guy is going to be more of a peanut then a large baby.  I was 9.5lbs but Jeret was 7.1lbs.  I'll be really interested to find out what he weighs.  It just doesn't seem like there is a huge baby in my belly, but I could be wrong.  I have had some more "fake" contractions and also some shooting pain in the groin area.  I googled it ;) and it said that the pain is from the baby moving downward and pinching nerves.  So, I'm taking it as a good thing and meaning that baby is progressing!

Health:  My belly is measuring right on track with a 36cm measurement.  Baby's heartbeat was healthy and they did a little ultrasound to make sure baby was head down.  He sure is!  She also did a cervical exam and I am not dilated at all but she said the cervix is "soft".  

Movement:  Lots of movement!  I love feeling the little guy.  It doesn't bother me one bit.  My belly doesn't jump around much because of my placenta placement but you can definitely see kicks.  

Baby Related Purchases:  We bought the changing pad.  I think we are all set (minus the monitor).

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  Just taking in the fact that there is a full grown baby in my belly.  Wow!  I can't wait to meet him.  As much as I have enjoyed this pregnancy, I know it will be nothing compared to meeting our little guy.  We love him so much already!