Wednesday, March 27, 2013

8 Weeks: Best Baby Daddy of all Time

Technically speaking, I am 8 weeks and three days today! Woo hoo!

I am feeling so thankful, overjoyed, and blessed that this little peanut is still growing inside me.  I have come to appreciate all of these symptoms that remind me that there is a little baby growing within me.  It is very bizarre feeling so different than you normally do (pre pregnancy).  I want to document how I am feeling (not to complain) but to remember the milestones throughout this pregnancy.

Tired:  Hello sleepy head!  I have always been an early riser, which meant I am asleep before ten every single night.  But I have taken that to a whole new level.  The past two weeks I think there have been maybe three nights that I made it past 7:30!! It is crazy!  Also, on the days I work long hours at the private practice I am so tired after lunch.  Oh my goodness.  It takes all I can do to not crawl up in that dental chair and snooze the afternoon away.  That is another huge change from pre pregnancy.  I was not whatsoever a napper.  I would try to take naps, but it was like I could never turn my brain off.  Now, I the moment my eyes shut and mouth open - I am out for the count!

Food:  I really wanted to be pregnant without any food aversions or nausea. That has not been the case.   Take last night for example, I got home from work and should have been famished (as I normally am).  Jeret made a wonderful dinner and I could only eat a few bites!! This is not like me, at all.  Hungry or not, I always have an appetite!  Its like I'll take a few bites and chew the food at least one hundred times and then it takes everything I have within me to swallow!  So, it has been lots of very small meals.  Take yesterday for example:

6am- a slice of sprouted bread toast with peanut butter and jelly
8am- orange
11am- granola bar
1pm- sprouted bread with avocado, spinach, cucumber and salt and pepper.  Apple.  Chips and Lemonade
5pm- A few bites of soup and didn't really touch my sandwich
6:30pm- green apple with peanut butter
7:30pm- in bed!

A few other changes I have noticed:  Moodiness- I have been trying so desperately to keep this in check! Ahem.  Unmotivated- I have really not had any desire to cook, bake or grocery shop.  Those were my all time favorite tasks before!  Which leads me to how wonderfully helpful Jeret has been.  He has taken over with full stride and very little complaints.  He really does most of the laundry, cooking and errands.  I am so very blessed.  He doesn't complain that I want to sleep all of the time or get angry when I complain of the nausea.  Or worse... don't eat the dinner he worked so hard to prepare!  (Knowing myself, I would be mortified if he only took three bites of a meal I worked hard on making.)

It was SO GOOD to see my mom this past week.  The visit was short and sweet but nice nonetheless.

My mom bought me the shirt before she even knew!  It kinda looks like I am showing but so far I haven't gained any weight (thank god!) and clothes still fit fine.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

7 Weeks: 1st Doctors Appt

The past week has been a learning experience.  As being a "first timer" in the pregnancy arena, I wasn't sure what to expect or how I would feel.

Exercise- major slacking.  If I could, I would choose sleep over eating,working and definitely exercising.

Healthful Eating- ughh... not much better here.  I was eating at least 5 servings of vegetables a day prior to the past few weeks.  Now, the sight of a salad makes me gag.  It is crazy!  Eating a lot of peanut butter toast and greek yogurt.  Strawberries have been amazing!

Nausea- hello nausea!  I have always been a pretty healthy person and only experienced the flu a few times since turning 10 years old.  I was quiet surprised by the waves of nausea that I have been experiencing.  If I am not eating something every 1.5 to 2 hours, I am sick.  I even wake up in the middle of the night most nights because I am so nauseated that I need to eat something.  It is very bizarre.  I have never had to eat so often and been so turned off by food all at the same time.  But, I am so excited about this little peanut growing inside me that I am not complaining!

Now, for the EXCITING NEWS!!

Our little baby has a heartbeat!  Woo hoo!  I have been so anxious (and still am) about having a healthy pregnancy.  It was so much fun to see our little baby (about the size of a blueberry) on the screen.  We didn't hear the heartbeat because it is so early, but we definitely saw the flicker!

Looking forward to our next appointment in 4 weeks!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6 Weeks

I am so happy to be at 6 weeks!  Actually,  I am thankful and full of joy to be everyday more pregnant.

I have been feeling pretty well, actually.  I do feel like I have constant fatigue and every few nights I don't sleep well, but overall my energy has been okay.

It seems the symptoms I do have tend to come and go.  I feel bloated some days but not every.  I have had some days with slight breast tenderness and some with not.  Some nights I wake up every few hours and others I sleep through the night.

There are a few symptoms that seem to be always present:  fatigue, moodiness and thirst.  Oh my!  I wake up every morning with a throat that feels like the desert!  I wake up with this feeling that I must drink a gallon of water right this moment.  But then when I do drink the water my stomach feels sloshy and empty like it needs food right away!

I haven't really had any nausea except for a wave here and there that seems to pass as quickly as it comes on.

I do feel hungry often.  I tend to eat something small every few hours.  And if I don't... I am one ravenous tired and cranky woman!

Still trying to keep up with lots of fruits and vegetables.  I have found that my stomach is wanting more starches... toast with my egg, cereal, waffle, sandwich rather than a salad.  But I'm trying to keep the starch and sugar in check.

Exercise has been rough.  It has been so snowy and rainy lately!  The cold I don't mind as I can bundle up but I am not interested in getting soaked and freezing.  Looking forward to spring!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 Weeks

This past week has been summed up with peeing on a stick 4 times, googling "early pregnancy signs ________" a million times, and a bit of anxiety at all times.

I would say at this point it is hard to believe that it is really true.  I am trying to keep a healthy perspective that it is soo early and soo many things can happen.  But at the same time I don't want to stress about what might happen because whatever is meant to be will be.  

Our first doctor's visit is two weeks from tomorrow!  I am looking forward to that.  Just to get some extra assurance that the sticks don't lie and that everything is fine.  And if it is not, that is ok too. 

So far I have been feeling just fine.  I notice a little bit of a slight cramp every now and then.  I have not had any breast tenderness or nausea.  I have been tired, but that is probably because I have had trouble sleeping.  I am not sure if it is the anxiety or a side effect of the high progesterone levels in my body but I am normally wide awake from about 3am to 4:30am every single night.  I do like to take a nap for sure on the weekends and on Wednesday and Fridays when I only work a half day.  

I have still been trying to fill up on really healthy foods.  I have tried to limit gluten/flour/grains and sugar.  Mostly trying to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts.  AND LOTS OF WATER!  Because I have avoided caffeine and diet soda that pretty much eliminates iced tea, coke and coffee.  I have a glass of orange juice a few mornings a week but mostly its water all day long.  And lots of bathroom trips too.  

More snow coming our way!  Spring? Where are you??