Monday, May 27, 2013

Maternity Shopping Spree!!

I am amazed at how the shirts that I bought at kohls three weeks ago (in a size up so they would be loose) are too tight now! Holy cow!  Jeret took me on a little shopping spree this weekend while we were in Schaumburg at Woodfield Mall. I had such an awesome time just having a shopping partner!  These were my finds!  I did buy a couple on sale and they had a deal for buy 3 get 1 free!  I'm hoping to add a little pizzaz to my wardrobe and work on the pregnancy glow :) 

I was really hoping this one would be wedding appropriate... but looking at this photo I'm not so sure :/

17 Weeks / 2nd Anniversary / 50th Post / Jeret's Paramedic Graduation

17 Weeks

We have had such an fun and eventful weekend!  We spent the weekend celebrating Jeret's graduation from the paramedic program, Memorial Day with lots of family, did some maternity clothes shopping, and even spilled the beans to the public facebook community!! Here are a few photos from the weekend and some info on baby progress.

Grandma and Grandpa Zickert

Mom and Dad

Grandma Dwyer

My momma and Aunt Chris
Close up

Hello baby bump! 

"Umm Maria, this just feels soft to me..." haha thanks honey.

Celebrating 2 years of marriage with cotton

SO PROUD OF THIS MAN!  Such a stud.

Jeret and his mama!

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013 

Boy or Girl:  It was fun to be around family members and hear them guess.  My mom and Lydia think boy, but my Grandma Dwyer is confident it is a girl!

Currently Avoiding: I have seen a huge increase in my appetite over the past week!  Holy cow!  My meat aversion was definitely gone this weekend:  Hello roast beef sandwich and burger.

Weight: 147... its creeping forward!

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  Must.Buy.Pregnancy.Pillow.STAT

Recent vivid dreams: Lots of dreams but none about baby yet

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  I have noticed some slight cramping if I get too hungry or thirsty/dehydrated.  It happens mostly at night and is not too significant.  The cramping is kinda in my upper abdomen and not so much around the uterus and lower back.  I am trying to stay sane and not worry too much, but I would be lying if I didn't worry every single day about this little baby.

Health:  So far so good!  18 days until my next OB appointment and 24 until my ultrasound! 

Movement:  It is SOOO hard to tell!  I want to feel baby so badly but I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is just in my head.  I am hoping for some solid baby movements to help my confidence and soothe my nerves in the next week or so.

Baby Related Purchases:  Oh yeah!  We bought two onsies for our little photo shoot (above), we were given a ton of receiving blankets from my grandma that she found at the second hand store (score!) and my husband took me on a generous maternity clothes shopping spree!  We have two weddings, a bachelorette party and two graduation parties in the next month.  

Best Part of this Pregnancy: It is so amazing to just sit here and think about the fact that there is a baby inside of my belly.  I feel so blessed it moves me to tears.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

16 Weeks

Week 16!
I promise I am feeling so much better... I have no excuse for the no make up and air-dryed-pony bad hair day!  Next week is Memorial Day weekend and our Anniversary so I'll have to get dressed up!

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013 

Boy or Girl:  Sometimes I still think girl, but then today I walked into Target to buy a onsie (Our 2nd anniversary is next weekend and the theme for year two is "cotton" so I thought it would be fun to make a pregnancy announcement on our anniversary with a cotton onsie) but anyways I walked into target and went straight to the boy clothes... weird.  

Currently Avoiding: Meat.  I have not been into meat since the beginning.  If I could live on bagels with cream cheese I would.  I eat a TON of fruit and alot of carrots and cucumber, but meat has been eww for awhile.  I will cook a chicken breast for Jeret and I for dinner and I only can take 1 bite.  Still getting a lot of protein though through greek yogurt, peanut butter and cheese.  If I didn't eat the those foods I'd be sick all day.  

Weight:  I weighed 144.5 at the doctors this week.  So pretty much still at my pre-pregnancy weight which is major crazy because I look so different!! I walked into "game-night" (which consists of all the women in the neighborhood playing skip-bo and rummey 500 while the men play poker) and Deb looked at me and said, "Oh my god, are you pregnant??" Haha!! Well I guess the cat is out of the bag as my mom would say.  

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  Still sleeping on my back... I think I'm going to have to invest in a "pregnancy pillow".  I haven't researched them yet because I'm afraid to see how much they cost!

Recent vivid dreams: Lots of dreams

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  Loving fruit, oh and Tropicana's "Simply Lemonade with Raspberry".  The doctor said that I need to increase my fat and protein so that I can put on some pounds.  I bought some protein bars at costco and trying to eat more peanut butter and eggs. 

Health:  We had our third doctors appointment this past week!  I love going and listening to the baby's heartbeat!! She said everything looks good, the uterus is in the correct spot and correct size.  1 month until our detailed ultrasound... I can not wait!! 

Movement:  Slight twinges but I don't feel them terribly often so I'm not sure if they are baby or  not

Baby Related Purchases:  onsie (see above!)

Best Part of this Pregnancy: Starting to tell people, so much fun!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

15 Weeks

15 Weeks!!
We spent the past weekend in Tennessee with Paula, Bill, Cara, Michael and Bodhi!  It was so awesome!! The ride was about 11 hours long, but so worth it!
Here is Bodhi right when we all met on Thursday night.  He is such a handsome guy!

Jeret and Bodhi... good looks run in their family! 

Jeret practicing.  He's a natural :)

Cara, Michael and Bodhi

15 Weeks (a day early) 
Jeret and his seester 
 (Okay, these are my favorites of Bodhi.  He is so full of expression!)
"Brr... that's cold!"

"Not thrilled about going in for another dunk, dad"

"Much better"
But look at those thighs! I die!

Jeret and I at the top of our hike

Bodhi and I cheesin'

Wearing Paula's sunglasses

Hike on day two

Just before we left.  I can't wait to see him again! 

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013 

Boy or Girl:  No idea... some days I think blue and others I think in pink.

Currently Avoiding: I am eating so much more than before.  Definitely starting to feel better.  Trying to eat a lot of foods that stick-to-your-ribs if ya know what I mean.  Lots of high protein and high fat, but staying within healthy foods... Eggs, cheese, peanut butter.  Avoiding really anything Italian, I just can not handle any type of red sauce.  Yuck!  If I get to hungry then nausea takes over... and that is  no fun.

Weight:  Not sure, looking forward to my doctor's appointment next week. 

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  Better because I have been so busy that I am exhausted by the time I go to bed.  Rising early per usual :)

Recent vivid dreams: Lots of dreams

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  Hungry often.  I ended up throwing up the other day because I waited too long to eat breakfast.  I did eat a small bowl of cereal, apple and cherries but believe it or not... that was not enough! 

Health:  As far as I know everything is going great!

Movement:  Slight twinges but I think its just gas... sorry TMI

Baby Related Purchases:  Nada 

Best Part of this Pregnancy: Getting through the first trimester! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

14 Weeks (a day early)

The first trimester is in the books!

I managed to rock these bad boys for two whole straight days at a dental conference this week! I was dying to get out of my scrubs and tennis! 
SO thankful for the green grass and the beautiful days to walk Milo

14 Weeks

14 Weeks... its hard to tell if this is really a "baby bump" or just bloating.  I swear my belly grows by the evening and then shrinks by the time I wake up in the morning.  This photo was taken around 10am.

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013 

Boy or Girl:  Not a clue!  6 weeks until we find out :)

Currently Avoiding: Sweets.  It is so CRAZY!  Pre pregnancy, I ate super healthy but still indulged in dessert.  I have always had a sweet tooth.  But so far in this pregnancy baked goods have not appealed to me at all.  Sour candies... definitely!  Chocolate or cookies... not so much.  I am starting to eat a little more broad of a diet but still find comfort in "plain" foods when nauseous. 

Weight:  I have finally gained back the two pounds that I lost the first couple months.  Standing steady at my pre pregnancy weight.. around 144.

Belly Button Status:  In for sure

Sleep:  Sleeping on side is still very challenging

Recent vivid dreams: Lots of dreams

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: I can't remember...

Symptoms:  Still tired and nauseous a few times a day.  I am finding I have to eat more often.  For example this morning, I had two pieces of toast with peanut butter and an orange.  Thirty minutes later... hungry and nauseous.  Then ate two eggs and a piece of dry toast... and finally felt better!  Thats two breakfasts! 

Health:  As far as I know everything is going great!

Movement:  Slight twinges but I think its just gas... sorry TMI

Baby Related Purchases:  Nada 

Best Part of this Pregnancy: Getting through the first trimester!