Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bennett Mathew IS HERE!! A recap of weeks 38-41

Wow, I really fell off the blogging band wagon.  I can't believe that Bennett will be 8 weeks old in TWO days!  Holy Cow!

Today is January 1st, so I think it is the prefect day to get right back to blogging.  So much to say... where to start?

I'm going to try to think back to weeks 38 through 41! Yes, that is right.  Bennett arrived 5 LONG days after his due date.  But, he came when he was ready and I would do it all over again the exact same way.  Here is a snap shot of what I can remember of the last few weeks of my pregnancy:
 I think this was week 38

 Tail end of week 38 at my cousin's wedding in Beloit Wisconsin
The last photo of us as just a couple

This was right before we took Milo to the dog park which I did every day.  I walked and walked and walked trying to start labor.

This was week 40.  My last belly shot.  I can't believe Bennett was in there.  What a true miracle.

Due Date:  November 3rd, 2013...but arrived on November 8th

Boy or Girl:  A beautiful baby boy

Currently Avoiding: Onions were horrible the last few months of my pregnancy.  I also had a horrible encounter with a Costco hotdog (which I later realized I wasn't supposed to eat during pregnancy oops).

Currently Craving: I loved swedish pancakes throughout my entire pregnancy.  It was the only food I truly "craved".  I did eat way more ice cream in the last two weeks than I normally would have

Weight: Gained 35 pounds total

Belly Button Status:  Still in and did not get any stretch marks!  

Sleep: Lots of bathroom breaks towards the end.  I also was awake from 1-3am the last two weeks of my pregnancy.

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Everyday

Symptoms:  I had a lot of braxton hicks towards the end and I started getting really uncomfortable at work the last week.  I was so stretched and my clothes were so tight.  I never really felt the baby "drop" or the feeling of a bowling ball between my legs like a lot of ladies talk about.

Health:  My belly stopped growing and measured at 41 weeks only 38cm.  I thought that was a sure sign my baby was going to be small... oh how I was wrong ;) 

Movement: The movement definitely slowed down towards the end.  Sometime during week 38 I actually went into the hospital to check on the little guy because he wasn't moving (so I thought).  Turned out he was moving and I just wasn't feeling it.  Now I know it was because he didn't have much room!

Baby Related Purchases:  We didn't buy much the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  We did however buy some items right after we returned home.  We bought a swing right away!  We didn't have anywhere downstairs that we could set the baby down.  

Best Part of this Pregnancy:  I am so amazed at the entire process of pregnancy!  I grew a healthy baby boy!  

Next up, his birth story! 

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