Saturday, February 1, 2014


Bennett is sleeping on my lap as I type and rock.   The rocking is comforting to the both of us. Every single baby book I have read says not to rock your baby... they will get dependent on your rocking and your life will be ruined.  I don't buy it.  Bennett loves to be rocked.  And I love to rock him. And he goes to bed at night without being rocked.  So there.  Smartypants authors.  I also let him fall asleep while nursing!  Arrest me now.  
Time goes by too fast to worry about what all the parenting books say.  We do what works for us.  All I want is a healthy and happy baby.  

This onsie was gifted to us.  It is amazing.  It is our favorite.  It is soft and stretchy and has an elephant on it.  I decided I needed more of these onsies!  But then I realized they are 25$ a piece.  One will be fine. 

It is hard to tell from this angle but Bennett is adding a little of his own water into the tub :) 

Blurry but oh so happy.

The boys playing together

Me and my BFF.  The pump.  We have a great relationship and it's about to get closer when I go back to work Monday.

My boy and I.  Love him to pieces.  

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